About Frucall

Frucall is a leader in mobile voice, text, and data-driven price comparison search services. Frucall service is supported by all cell phone brands and PDAs.

The Frucall platform’s mobile comparison shopping service uses a combination of telephony technologies such as VoiceXML, TTS (Text To Speech), and ASR (Automated Speech Recognition) along with Web 2.0 technologies to provide the user with multi-modal access (e.g., Voice, Text Message, Mobile Web and Online Web) to a wealth of shopping related information, such as best available prices for a product available on the internet, product information, reviews and rankings.

Since its launch, the Frucall service has gained considerable popularity as evident from coverage by broadcast and published media. Today, Frucall offers information on the best available online prices on millions of items and wide range of shopping support features.


Prior to 2006 Frucall developed enterprise software solutions that delivered information available on corporate data networks or the Internet, to enterprise users through converged communication endpoints such as IP phones, PDAs, Blackberry devices, and cellular phones. During this process it was realized that a specific opportunity existed for consumer channels by utilizing the same core technology when applied to comparison shopping data and mobile telephony. In early 2006 the Frucall service was developed and the underlying technology patented. The service was officially launched in Beta in April 2006.


The Frucall platform is designed to support multiple vertical service sectors. In addition to current support of shopping comparison data and related shopping features, the Frucall platform can also support any integrated IVR and data application. It can be used for multi-modal search and access to corporate internal data or provide multi-modal access to company’s sales catalogs to its customers. In general, Frucall platform can search, manipulate and serve any private or publicly available data to a controlled list of mobile users through Voice, WAP, SMS or online Web.

Value Proposition

Consumers – Frucall provides value to consumers by providing instant, easy access to online pricing information and product ratings while they are out shopping – at the point-of-sale. Using Frucall consumers can make informed decisions about their purchases. In addition to getting the best, current pricing information and a range of useful features, users also receive special offers and other product information that can help them in their purchasing choices.

Advertisers and Brands – Frucall provides advertisers and brands with a unique opportunity to communicate directly to consumers who are actively in purchasing decision process. In addition, Frucall makes targeted advertising possible as the user searches for a particular item through Frucall’s SmartAds Engine

Carriers and MVNO’s – Frucall adds instant value to Carrier services offerings and offers mobile communication carriers and MVNO’s an easy and effective way to increase subscriber voice, data and text usage. It will provide the carrier with a unique value-added service that can reduce customer churn and increase customer loyalty and adoption.

Online Merchants and Aggregators – Frucall provides Online Merchants and Merchant Aggregators with an extension of their services directly to the point-of-sale via any cellphone. Frucall’s multi-modal approach means that Online Merchants can offer consumers easy access to their sales information.

Proprietary and White-Labeled Applications – The Frucall platform can be customized to provide solutions for proprietary applications that require an integrated combination of IP data, voice IVR, and mobile telephony. One can use the Frucall platform to provide safe and secure mobile access to its corporate internal or external data. Catalog shopping companies and real estate enterprises who want to provide mobile access to their users are examples of White Labeled Frucall applications.

Business Partnerships

Frucall is engaged with major participants in the mobile telephony and online merchant services arenas. Frucall has business partnerships with companies across the mobile shopping value chain in addition offering managed services for proprietary brands.

For additional information on Frucall business development opportunities please contact our business development team at [email protected]