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One of the biggest challenges of having a website is getting traffic to it. As a website owner, naturally you want visitors to find your website. Author hReview plugins and addons are designed to help visitors find you by making it easy for you to implement a reviews system on your site.

Whether you want to allow visitors to review your content (such as a blog post), or whether you want to build a directory of useful reviews (say for example local restaurants), Author hReview can help.

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Author hReview uses these ratings to help search engines to understand and index your site, meaning that Google will have a better idea of what your site is about and what it’s relevant to. A combination of special markups and useful customer review plugins have been especially designed to make a real difference to how your website shows up in search engine results. Even better, you can save 80% on your Author hReview purchase with our coupon code.

You might not have heard of rich snippets, but you’ve probably seen them.

You know that handy little description that shows up under a website’s name on the Google search results page? That’s a rich snippet. Author hReview is designed to help search engines add rich snippets when indexing your site, along with star ratings and reviews.

That means visitors can get a better feel for what you do at a glance, and are more likely to click if your business is relevant to their search.

How to buy Author H review Plugin?

With our coupon code, you can save 20% on Author hReview. To start with, choose your package. All packages offer you a year of support, a year of updates, and access to all plugins:

  1. Single site: Use Author hReview on one site. Usually $99, currently on special offer for $69
  2. Multi site: Use Author hReview on any and all sites that you own. Usually $199, currently on special offer for $139.
  3. Unlimited: All the benefits of a multi site license, plus access to additional addons. Usually $299, currently on special offer for $199.
  4. Ultimate deal: Get all plugins and addons with lifetime support and updates for just one payment of $299.

All purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you’re not completely satisfied, you pay nothing. You can use the plugins you download after your subscription period ends, and you’ll never be auto-charged, meaning that you pay to renew only when you want to. All this, plus 20% when you use our coupon code!

To use our coupon code, simply choose your package and click “sign up”. Take a moment to fill out your details, then at the bottom of the page you’ll see a box to enter your coupon code. Enter BLOGGINGSTART to enjoy your 80% discount.

Every purchase of Author hReview gives you access to these three powerful plugins:

  1. Rich Snippets allows you to add reviews for anything and everything to your WordPress-based site, building your site into a powerful and knowledgeable directory that search engines will take notice of. Rich Snippets makes it easy for your visitors to browse and navigate reviews, too.
  2. WP Reviews makes it easy for you to build an intuitive reviews system into your website. Your visitors will love it, and search engines will recognize it. WP Reviews uses short codes and widgets to turn building a rating and review system from a time consuming exercise into a cinch.
  3. Author hReview makes it easy to insert editor review markups into your website. You can easily add review and rating information to any page or blog post, and can revisit it for editing in the future with the minimum of fuss.

Addons To Enhance Your Website

Author hReview also offers several addons to allow:

  1. Anonymous reviews
  2. Changing colors on ratings and link buttons
  3. User submission of products, establishments etc
  4. User submission of photos
  5. Links with Google maps
  6. Filtering of ratings
  7. Comparison and ranking tables
  8. Call to action to inspire better conversion

If you want to start using ratings that search engines will love, check out Author hReview today. Don’t forget to enter DISCOUNT20 to take advantage of our 80% savings offer.

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