Long Tail Pro Discount Code

An online presence is a must for any business, and along with that comes the need to do keyword research. Keyword research helps you to understand what your potential customers are searching for. What do they need or want? What are they looking for?

What questions do they need answered, or problems do they need solved? By better understanding this, you can craft your website content, and your social media content, to target the best and most profitable keywords, and position your business as the best place to turn to get what they need.

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Long Tail Pro Discount Code

You can also use keyword research to better understand your competitors – who they are, what works for them, and which keywords they are targeting.

Long tail Pro is a super fast and high quality keyword research tool that can bring your business invaluable insights and information. With our Long tail Pro discount you can save 50% off Long tail Pro. Even better, our readers can take advantage of an extra exclusive offer for a wealth of helpful bonuses – for free!

How To Buy Long Tail Pro Platinum With 30% Off Discount Code?

Step 1: Purchase Long tail Pro using above link

Step 2: Enter your  email address & Personal Details

You should see your purchase has been discounted to 30%off  of the usual retail price

And you’re done! You can now download your copy of Long tail Pro and start using it to up your keyword game and give your business a competitive edge.

7  Reasons To Love Long tail Pro

Long tail Pro is packed with fantastic features. Here are just some of the reasons to love Long tail Pro:
  1. Super fast searches – capture thousands of keywords in seconds and search for up to 800 keywords per seed keyword. Generate as many keywords as you could possibly need, accurately and in record time.
  2. Competitor analysis – Longtail Pro will analyze the top ten Google results for your keyword and feed you valuable information about them.
  3. Pay per click analysis – find out which keyword are so profitable that your competitors are willing to pay for them.
  4. Real time filtering – choose from a variety of filtering methods so you can find the information you need quickly and in real time.
  5. Add notes – add notes about specific keywords so you can capture your ideas and insights to look at later.
  6. Rank checker – keep an eye on your search term rankings on the major search engines.
  7. Export results – analyze and share your results by exporting them as a spreadsheet.

If you want to boost your competitiveness and find out which keywords can really work for your business, Long tail Pro can help you!

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