MaxCDN Black Friday Deal

If you are looking to benefit from a money-saving MaxCDN Black Friday offer, you have come to the right place. Black Friday is synonymous with huge savings on products and services from virtually any sector. This includes products that as a blog or website owner you will want to get your hands on. In the following article we will look in particular at the great MaxCDN Black Friday offer and how you can use it to save lots of $!

MaxCDN Black Friday Deal
MaxCDN Black Friday Deal

Why You Should Grab MaxCDN Black Friday deal?

Regardless of which way you want to purchase this product, you will save money. If you wish to buy an annual subscription you can actually qualify for 3 months free, but if you only want to pay for it on a monthly basis you can save 50% on the price of all of the CDN company’s plans.

One of the problems you can come across as a website owner, as you will probably know if you are looking to subscribe to a CDN service, is it doesn’t matter how high you rank on search engine listings if your pages don’t load up quick enough.

You have to understand that people searching and looking up things online can be inpatient. Put yourself in their shoes. You are looking for information on something and load up three different sites from the search results.

Which site are you most likely to look at first? Obviously, you will look at the site that loads up properly first. So the speed at which your website pages load is crucial to ensuring you get the traffic you need to get those all important subscriptions and sales.

The reason you have problems with load-time on your web pages is because all visitors accessing your page are directed to your hosting company’s server, which is usually at one central location. If your website receives regular high amounts of traffic, which let’s face it is what you want, it can result in your host’s server crashing which in turn causes slower load-time.

How do you get round this issue? This is where a CDN or content delivery system comes in and MaxCDN is one of the most popular CDN’s available at the moment. A CDN such as MaxCDN is actually a network of servers that are crucially, located across the world.

Therefore when you use a CDN with your website, all of the static content on that site is cached and stored on every server in the content delivery network. This “static content” includes things like any Flash, JavaScript, style-sheets (like CSS files for instance) and images.

When someone clicks through to your website, the CDN actually redirects them to the server in the CDN that is closest to the location from which they are accessing the internet. The closer the server with the important files for your website as mentioned above is to where your user is accessing your site is based, the faster your site will load for them. Sites that have no trouble losing are more attractive to visitors.

What Do You Get From MaxCDN

MaxCDN offer their subscribers and users a plethora of handy features and tools including:

  • An Instant Purge – which makes the new origin deployment of your site feel immediate to visitors, making for a very smooth and uninterrupted user experience.
  • Immediate Provisioning – which means when you make changes to your site they are immediately provisioned
  • Automatic SSL – which enables your SSL and deploys it in real-time.
  • Automatic SPDY – Improve the performance of your site with just one click.
  • Reporting In Real-Time – MaxCDN expand on the raw data with their real-time analytic and reporting engine to help you make the best decisions for your business and website.
  • Complete Automation – MaxCDN make it possible for you to automate every single area of your CDN workflow with their GitHub and API integration.

If your users have trouble accessing your website and pages quick enough, they may click on a competitor’s site. To ensure this does not happen, you need to invest in a high quality network such as MaxCDN and if you do that today, you not only get access to their extremely effective and popular services but will get it for an extremely low price.

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