Mobistealth Free trial

Mobistealth is a website that sells software that enables people to monitor how others are using their computers and cell phones. Basically the Mobistealth program and software allows you to monitor any devices that are capable of going online. This monitor can be done remotely so that the people being monitored are not aware that it is been done. 

Mobistealth Free trial
Mobistealth Free trial

Designed to keep people safe 

* Using Mobistealth technology enables parents to monitor what their children are doing or viewing when they are online. The program can be used on cell phones, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. 

* You can download the program for all the main makes of smartphones including android, apple, blackberry, and Windows. Parents can now keep an accurate check on what their children are doing with their cell phones.

* The apps and programs can also be used to trace what is been done with iPads, android and windows tablets,   

* The program can and does let parents when their children are using inappropriate sites or are inadvertent victims of cyber bullying. Children do not always want to tell their parents such things have happened, may be out of shame, or may be for fear of being told off. 

* With Mobistealth parents can keep an eye on what their children without them knowing that it is been done. They can tell where their children are, instead of where they are supposed to be. It can make it harder for children to misinform their parents of their actual whereabouts. 

Bosses know what their workers are doing

* Many companies provide their employees with cell phones, and some provide them with computers too. Whilst there are ways to track, which websites have been visited the information is found faster by Mobistealth. 

* Mobistealth provides extra information about the apps or websites visited on the company cell phone. The company that provides your phone service may not be able to provide such detailed information especially if you pay for unlimited data use every month.

* This program will monitor every email sent and received on your employees cell phone, laptop, or tablet. You can tell if they doing things that could put them in danger, or something that could harm the image or reputation of your company.

* Mobistealth means that you can keep track of how much time your employees are spending on social media apps and sites. This means that you can keep track of any items they are posting, particularly if these posts mention your company in anyway. 

* Most companies have guidelines on how employees should use company cell phones or computers. Mobistealth means you can monitor that use. Then you can find out how closely your employees stick to the guidelines. If they are consistently breaking such guidelines then that is enough cause to take disciplinary action.

* The program has a tracker that allows you to know the exact geological location of any cell phone, laptop, or tablet. This means that you will know if your employee is somewhere else instead of where they should be.

* Should cell phones or laptops get stolen from your employees the software can potentially trace your property so it can be recovered.  

Better safe than sorry

* Mobistealth has a tracking devise so you know where your children are, and can get to them quickly if needs be.  That can be a great reassurance for any parent. 

* The program can mean you stop employees abusing company funds and can make that they are working when they should be. 

Quick to download

* It only takes a few minutes to download yet provides invaluable information

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