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Whatever your business, brand or purpose, Twitter is a powerful tool for making connections, finding customers, getting your name known and raising your profile. Building a strong Twitter following takes time and effort, and it’s worth putting in the hours to build up a good following who appreciates what you do. Getting the followers you want doesn’t have to be time consuming though.

Thanks to Tweet Adder you can find the best potential followers for you and reach out to them quickly and easily. Tweet Adder allows you to find the people you need without compromising on follower quality. Even better, you can now enjoy Tweet Adder with an extra 20% off the retail price when you use our coupon code DISCOUNT20.

Tweet Adder Coupon Code

How To use our Tweet Adder coupon code?

First of all, choose the Tweet Adder package that’s best for you:

  1. Personal gives you access to all of Tweet Adder’s features for one single Twitter account, for only $19 a month. Or sign up for six month billing and pay only $11.40 a month.
  2. Professional gives you access to all of Tweet Adder’s features for up to ten Twitter accounts, for only $29 a month. Or sign up for six month billing and pay only $17.40 a month.
  3. Agent gives you access to all of Tweet Adder’s features for unlimited Twitter accounts, for only $69 a month. Or sign up for six month billing and pay only $41.40 a month.

Tweet Adder is currently running a free trial offer, which means you can enjoy all of these features for free, then receive money off your order with our DISCOUNT20 coupon too! Here’s what to do:

Choose the package you want.

  1. Click on “Begin Free Trial!”
  2.  On the next page, select the package you want.
  3.  Choose your payment method.
  4. Enter DISCOUNT20 in the coupon box.
  5. Fill out your payment details when prompted.

That’s it! You now have access to Tweet Adder and can download it and start using it to build your Twitter followers list.

Why Building A Quality Twitter List Matters

When new followers come to your profile, they want to see that you’re worth following. One way for them to do that is to see how many and what kinds of followers you already have. If you’re new to Twitter or don’t have a lot of activity or followers yet, it can seem like a catch 22. You need to seem professional and show that your profile is worth following in order to get followers, but without followers your profile looks empty and others may not consider you worth following. Tweet Adder solves that problem for you quickly and easily by helping you to find and follow users who are likely to be interested in what you’re tweeting about.

Some Twitter software helps you build a followers list but does it indiscriminately, resulting in your account following users who aren’t relevant to your niche or business, or who may share inappropriate content or even tweet in a language that you don’t speak. All of that can reflect badly on your business, making it look like you are just following any account you can find. Tweet Adder takes that worry away by helping you to find and follow accounts who are relevant to your business and therefore more likely to follow you back, helping you to start a real conversation rather than just boost your Twitter numbers.

Tweet Adder Features That You’ll Love

Tweet Adder is designed to make it easy for you to find accounts to follow, and to keep your followers list neat and tidy. The highly focused keyword search means you can look for followers or tweets talking about your topics, and you can also search by location, number of followers or account activity to help you find the kind of people you want to connect with. Tweet adder makes it easy for you to build lists of potential followers and start following them, and includes automated thank you messages for that personal touch when someone follows you.

You can also manage your list using Tweet Adder’s unfollow search tool, making it easy for you to remove followers who no longer follow you,or whose accounts don’t have a lot of activity – or even those who have too much activity. That means your Twitter list will stay relevant and interesting to you.

Tweet Adder’s automation feature means you can schedule tweets so you can keep up your Twitter presence even while dealing with other things.

If you want to get more followers and start finding the right people to talk to on Twitter, Tweet Adder is an invaluable tool. Don’t forget to enter DISCOUNT20 at the checkout to enjoy 20% off!

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