Tweet Adder Review 2021 – Don’t Buy The Tweet Adder Until You Read This Review

With Tweet Adder, searching for people becomes easy. Automation tasks like re-tweeting, sending tweets, direct messages are a piece of cake. Shed some money and you will reap the benefits.

Twitter is quick. With 140-character message “tweets”, you can share instant updates. Personal messages, Funny Videos, Morphed Images and World News are some of the important data, which can be tweeted. More the number of followers, you get more updates. Though Twitter started in 2006, it has come to be known as “the SMS of the Internet”. With about billion users and 300 million “real” users, it’s already a popular social networking site.

Tweet Adder Review 2021 – Don’t Buy The Tweet Adder Until You Read This Review

There are several automated tools to automate tweets, automated retweeting of other users, automated following and un-following, automatically tweeting to trending topics etc. But are all of they legal and ethical? Since the Twitter’s guidelines policy restricts some of the above mechanical processes, you should beware of such tools.

In a recent post of “CNET”, Twitter claims that as many as 23 million accounts connect with automated services. This is almost 9 percent of the active accounts. So if Twitter marketing is your bread-n-butter you should not be left behind! “TweetAdder” is one complete automation tool for Twitter which has made changes in its 4.0 version to comply with Twitter’s terms of service.

Twitter realized that it had “become aneasier target for spammers” and wielded its influence. It had taken many spammers to court and TweetAdder was named in the suit. But Twitter and TweetAdder have mutually agreed for a final confidential settlement of their legal dispute.

TweetAdder saves some precious time for busy social marketers and the expense of locating and following niche users. You can spend more effort on engaging with targeted Twitter users that listen to what you say and stay connected with them.

Tweet Adder is a software service that automatically builds up your Local Active Twitter Follower Network with similar people in your niche and boost up your twitter marketing efforts. It’s useful to celebrities, bloggers, political campaigns, banks and numerous other businesses.

The main services that TweetAdder removed to put in compliance is the ability to automatically follow and unfollow, automated @replies and the popular tweet generator.

Kevin Railsback of “” forum has judiciously used TweetAdder to grow his Twitter following and vastly increase his site traffic. His plan of attack is less automated than the spam following approach. Kevin used TweetAdder and focused on people he wanted to connect in his niche and then started conversations with these people.

Subscription Price:

Though there is a 7-day free trial during which you can test TweetAdder, you need to pay for this service, if you want to use long-term. But some-times this is reduced to a 3-day free trial if there are no promotional codes.

There are 3 monthly subscription plans – Personal, Professional and Agent. Or else you can pay on half-yearly basis and the price decreases compared to the monthly one. At current date, the prices are $19, $29 and $69 respectively for the monthly packages after free trial respectively.

The only difference between the 3 packages is the number of Twitter profiles that can be used with TweetAdder. Personal allows 1 Twitter Profile, Professional allows up to 10 Twitter Profiles and Agent allows unlimited Twitter Profiles.

You need to register yourself with Paypal or Credit-Card information before you start your free-trial. During this period, the sign-up fee is zero and you will be charged only after the trial expires.
To avoid billing, you can cancel the free-trial one-day before the billing date, by making a support request to their billing team.

TweetAdder 4.0 Versions

This is basically a desktop application which uses the Twitter API services to get different data. So basically you need to have a computer and an effective Internet connection.

TweetAdder works with the best 3 OS platforms –

  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. and Linux

It works on Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP. The minimum system requirements are 1.5 Ghz CPU, 512 MB RAM, 100 MB Hard Drive. For Mac, it works on even OS 10.4.

The Current feature-set in TweetAdder 4.0

As of 29th September, the current version of TweetAdder is 4.1.140610.
You can download the software from The installation process is easy and you are displayed with a typical TweetAdder screen. On the top pane you have, Overview, Open User, Manage Users, Registration, Settings, Activity, Pro Tools, Support and Help buttons. The first thing you need to click is the Registration button from the top-interface and this will give a different screen.
Now enter the Registration code and Activate License.

Next, click on the “Manage Users” tab or button at the top. You need to enter the “Twitter username” and select the Registration Code which is displayed below.

Now click on “Add User”. A familiar authorization screen from Twitter will be displayed and you need to enter your password. But this will not be saved or viewed by TweetAdder.

Once you authorize, there is another authorization screen where a pin is given. You just need to click the “Authorize app” button again and click on “Submit”. When you click “Done”, you are taken to the “Overview” tab.

Here you can see the different twitter user profiles you added and their status. You can also see the number of friends (following), followers, updates (tweets), Unfollowed members, Followed people, Tweet, Thanks messages, RSS feed messages and re-tweets.

Now click on “Open User” tab. It’ll ask for the twitter profile you want to open, if there are more than one.

How to Search Twitter Profiles using Tweet Adder

This is the main crux of the TweetAdder Software. Here you find different options using which you can increase followers, find relevant people in your niche

To start utilizing the magic features of TweetAdder, click on “Tweet Search” on the left hand side. Now enter keyword(s) in your niche and for which you want to find relevant profiles. The standard search operators can be used here. In addition you can add the location feature (e.g US, UK, London, San Francisoetc), result type, language and maximum results. Click on “Search Now” button.

For example I searched the keyword “windows 9” without any additional parameters. I was presented with 250+ relevant Twitter Profiles in under a minute. This shows the speed of TweetAdder. Now you can click follow, later or discard the profile you wish.

But when I used the parameters like US around 25 miles, mixed result type, English language I was given only 4 results. Also when I changed the result type to “recent” I didn’t get any results. Also when I removed the location parameter, I was displayed 188 results for recent result type.

You can also export this list of twitter profiles in an excel sheet. You can also follow all later. There are also filters you can apply to this search. The number is the upper right corner gives you the total number of results. Once you process an account (Follow, Follow Later, Discard) the list will be updated immediately.

Each profile snippet will be displayed with their name, twitter id, relevant tweet, time of tweet, location, friends, followers, tweets. There are also retweet, favorite icons on this snippet preview for you to easily do regular things.

You can filter this search by number of followers, number of following, number of tweets, number of tweets/day, followers greater than or less than friends, profiles with URLs set, language, days since last tweet and profiles with default profile images.

The filtration is also a quick process as I personally experienced. For the same query earlier, I made a few filters and the results were instantaneous.

You can also do Profile Data search. Just enter a few keyword(s), location, limits of number of followers, following, updates and other relevant parameters.
Rest of the Many Feature-Set

You can also do Location Search, find followers of a user, followed users of a user, twitter lists etc. There are also important features like Follow Back List where it allows to follow back any users who are currently following you.

The Unfollow user section gives you the opportunity to “clean up” your Twitter follow list. Once a list of users is displayed which you want to unfollow, the following things can be done – Unfollow the user, Whitelist the user.

You can also unfollow users with no profile image, foreign language, high ratio, Inactive, talkative, quiet people.

You can also send Tweets with Tweet Adder which can be automated. You can also send Image Tweets. Tweet Adder has the grace to send tweets from the contents of an RSS feed. You can also automate the functions of re-tweeting the tweets of other Twitter users. One can also send automated thank you messages to new followers.


Though Twitter regulations prohibit the automation of followers and un-following, Tweet Adder gives a quick experience of getting relevant profiles in your niche. There are also Pro Tools like you can add private proxies which work well with Tweet Adder. Also, using Windows VPS or Windows Dedicated Server you can use this software as a web or cloud service.

Though the price is little high for unlimited accounts, it’s worth the money if you are on Twitter marketing saga. For basic bloggers and affiliate marketers, it’s an important tool to find pertinent profiles and expand your reach.

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