60% off WPX Hosting Coupon Codes – Verified 2023

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Unleash the Power of WPX Hosting with Coupon Codes

WPX Hosting is one of the leading web hosting providers in the market, and they often offer discounts and coupon codes to their customers. If you want to save some money on your wpx hosting purchase, make sure to check out the WPX Hosting coupon codes available right here.

Currently, they offer coupon codes for up to 60% off new hosting plans, so you can save a lot of money on your purchase.

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6 Coupon(s) Found Valid for WPX.net

Your hunt for searching WPX Hosting coupon code ends here.

In this article, we have mentioned the wpx hosting coupon code to avail 50% discount on all the WPX Hosting plans

WPX is one of the fastest hosting providers on the internet, and what’s better than grabbing the best hosting provider at a discounted price?

Furthermore, we have also covered all the information about the wpx hosting coupon code, including a step-by-step guide to avail of the discount so that you can grab your wpx coupon right away! 

So, let’s dive into the article and grab the discounted hosting! 

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Get a Discount on Lightning-Fast Hosting with WPX Coupons

Find the finest discounts by browsing the most popular collection of WPX Hosting coupon codes. Here is a list of the most recent promotions:

Verified Coupons


WPX Hosting Discount Codes – No Increase On Plan Renewal

WPX Hosting Coupon: Exclusive $$$ Off WPX Promo Code. Huge Savings On WPX Hosting.
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Get Best WPX Hosting Deal of the Year 2022

WPX Hosting is currently running a promotional offer where you can get up to 50% off their hosting services.

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Expired on: 12/30/2022

Get WPX Hosting 2 months FREE if you pay yearly

WPX Hosting is currently having a deal where you can get 2 months free if you pay yearly. This is a great deal for those looking for a quality web hosting provider.
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Expired on: 12/30/2022

50% Off WPX Hosting Business Plan

WPX Hosting is currently offering a 50% discount on their Business Plan

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WPX Hosting Professional Plan

Get 50% off the WPX Hosting Professional Plan when you use this coupon code

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50% Off WPX Hosting Elite Plan Deal

WPX Hosting is now offering 50% off all of their Elite plans, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking for high-quality hosting. WPX Hosting's Elite plans are perfect for small businesses, bloggers, and anyone who wants to make the most of their website.

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50% off WPX Hosting Coupon & Promo Codes - Verified November 2022


About Our WPX Coupon at 12/27/2022

Total Verified WPX Hosting Coupons : 6Last WPX Hosting Coupon Checked :12.06.2022
Best Coupon for Frucall Visitors :50%User Already Used WPX Hosting Coupons : 100+
Cheapest Package : $10.00Expired WPX OffersN/A

Most Popular WPX Hosting Coupon codes for Today

Business WordPress Hosting $12.50Get a 50% discount on WPX hosting’s Business package, which includes a free domainLimited time
Professional WordPress Hosting $25Get a free domain and 50% verification at WPX hosting’s Professional PageLimited time
Elite WordPress Hosting$49.50Get a 50% discount with a free domain and unlimited migration.Limited time

How Can I Apply a WPX Hosting coupon code?

Now that you have the wpx hosting coupon code, claiming it is just a few steps away. Below is a step-by-step guide to redeem the WPX 50% off coupon code. 

Step 1: Click on the unique wpx hosting discount link or go to the official page of WPX (and head towards the pricing section). 

Step 2: Select the appropriate plan for your website(s) and tap on the Get started option. 

WPX Hosting Coupon Code

Note: We selected the Business plan. 

Step 3: Now, select the hosting location from the three -US, UK, and AU. 

image 1

Step 4: If you need only WPX Hosting, you can enter your existing domain URL in the tab mentioned on your screen. However, you can also purchase a new domain with WPX. Remember, you will be charged for a new domain. 

image 2

Step 5: Click on the Continue option at the right bottom. 

image 3

Step 6: Now, choose the monthly billing cycle and enter the wpx hosting coupon code in the promo code box. You will now see a discounted price for your plan. 

image 4

Note: Make sure to copy-past the code given above as it is. 

Step 7: Choose your payment method and enter your personal information as asked on your screen. 

image 5

Important note: If you are using proxy or VPN, make sure to turn it off before checking out. 

Step 8: Tap on the “Check out” button. 

image 6

Step 9: Make the payment, and there you have your WPX Hosting at a 50% discount! 

Current 50% off WPX hosting coupon code

Currently, WPX is offering two deals –50% off and two months of free hosting. You can pick the deal which is more convenient for you and follow the steps to redeem it in the next section. 

50% Off On All The Plans

WPX Hosting is offering a massive discount of 50% right now. You heard it from us correctly. 50% off on all the plans! 

You can grab any WPX plan at a flat 50% off for the first month using the wpx hosting coupon code below: 


However, the wpx hosting coupon code is valid only for the first month of your hosting. Additionally, you cannot use the wpx hosting coupon code for the annual plan. 

Free Two Months Hosting: 

If you do not want to pick the monthly plan, you can still grab WPX at a discounted price by going with their annual plan. You can enjoy two months of free hosting when you pick the annual plan. 

To avail of the annual discount, you do not have to enter any wpx hosting coupon code. All you need to do is click on the link here and make your purchase. The wpx hosting coupon code will be embedded inside automatically. 

image 7

Note: Currently, there is no specific expiration date for the promo code, but every wpx hosting coupon code is available only for a limited time. Therefore, make sure to grab the offer before it expires! 

How Much Can I save using WPX Hosting coupon code?

If you are wondering how much you can save precisely with the wpx hosting coupon code mentioned above, we have got you covered. 

With the “BestHosting” wpx hosting coupon code, the pricing is discounted by 50%. Let us explain each WPX Hosting plan with the discounted price with the promo code below. 

WPX Hosting Business Plan

WPX Hosting Business Package Discount

The business plan is regularly stated at $24.99 for the monthly plan. However, using the coupon code above, you will have to pay only $12.50. 

WPX Hosting Professional Plan

WPX Hosting Professional Package Discount

The professional plan is stated at $49.99 per month when paid monthly, but with the promo code, you can grab the plan at $25.

WPX Hosting Elite Plan

WPX Hosting Elite Package Discount

The Elite plan is stated at $99 per month when you pay monthly. However, you can get the plan with the promo code of $49.50. 

As we mentioned above, that monthly promo code is not the only discount you can get. With the annual plan, you can save a massive amount with up to two months of free hosting. 

If you pick the annual Business Plan, you save $49.89, whereas, with the Professional annual plan, you save $100.88. Similarly, with the Elite yearly subscription, you are saving $189

One of the best parts about the annual plan’s discount is that you do not need to manually enter the coupon code; you can simply use our special discount link by tapping here

Which WPX plan should I use?

Here comes one of the primary hassles -which can is correct for you? 

Well, WPX has straightforward pricing plans and descriptions. The basic plan of WPX supports up to 5 websites. This means, even if you want to host a single website, you will have to pick the business plan. 

Let’s take a look at the pricing plans and understand which plan is suitable for your business. 

  1. Business: The Business plan is suitable for beginners and small business owners. You can use up to 5 websites with the plan. Additionally, you get 10Gb storage and 100GB bandwidth which is ideal for personal blogs, beginners, and small websites running on the internet. 
  2. Professional: If you own multiple sites, you can pick the Professional plan as it supports up to 15 websites and offer 20GB storage and 200GB bandwidth. If your website receives medium to significant traffic, the plan will work the best for you. 
  3. Elite: For users handling more than 35 websites, the Elite plan will serve everything you need. The Elite plan is ideal for users with higher traffics, higher resources, and the need to scale their business to the top level. The Elite plan is the only plan that offers unlimited bandwidth. 
image 8

To sum it up, if you are a beginner, we would recommend going with the Business plan and scale up to the other two plans as your resource needs increase and the business grows. 

With WPX, you can quickly scale up your plan by contacting the team. Irrespective of the plan you pick, all the plans are backed with excellent features, especially for handling sudden traffic spikes. 

The features that all the plan provides are same. You can have the same security and speed as the Elite Plan if you decide to pick the Basic plan. WPX does not compromise on the features irrespective of the amount you pay. 

However, the bandwidth, storage, and the number of websites each plan supports are different. 

What types of payment methods does support?

WPX Hosting has a straightforward payment option. You can pay for your hosting services either through a credit card/debit card or PayPal. 

WPX supports Visa cards and MasterCards. As of now, there are only two payment methods available. 

Since WPX is a popular and widely used managed hosting, we believe they should support additional payment methods. Hopefully, they will update their payment methods and add more in the future. 

What will happen after the first month of the 50% discount?

Since we know the coupon code is applicable only for the first month of your hosting purchase, the most crucial question that arises is, “what will happen after the first month of the discount?.”

Well, the answer to this is simple. You cannot use the same discount code for the next month. Once your one-month hosting is over, you can go for the monthly or annual plan. 

However, we would suggest going for the annual plan as you can save $49.89. If you opt for the monthly plan, the pricing starts from $24.99/month, whereas if you go for the yearly plan, you will be paying $20.83/month. 

How to install WordPress on WPX hosting?

WPX offers one-click WordPress installation meaning, Installing WordPress on WPX Hosting is quick and straightforward. Follow the steps mentioned below to install WordPress within a few clicks. 

 Step 1: Log in to your WPX hosting account. 

Step 2: From your WPX dashboard, tap on the My services option. 

Step 3: Now, scroll down and tap on the Service management option at the right bottom of your screen. 

Step 4: You will now be directed to the hosting panel. From the left menu, choose the Websites/SSL tab. 

Step 5: This section allows you to add new websites and manage them on WPX hosting account. Tap on install WP on the right side of your website name. 

Step 6: A pop-up will appear on your screen. Click on ‘Install WordPress on website.’ 

Step 7: Now, a drop-down menu will appear on your screen where you need to enter all your website details, including admin email, username and password, and more. 

Step 8: Once you have filled in all the information, tap on the ‘Deploy WordPress’ button at the bottom. 

Note: You can either choose your WP Admin password or generate it automatically. Suppose you want to automatically generate the password, click on the Generate password option. The copy button at the bottom will copy your password, which you can paste for confirmation. 

That’s all you need to do, and your WordPress has successfully been installed!

WPX Hosting Social Presence

As one of the fastest-growing web hosting companies in the world, WPX Hosting is committed to providing superior service and support to WPX Hosting customers. they also understand the importance of social media in today’s digital landscape, which is why we maintain an active presence on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

WPX hosting social media channels are a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest WPX Hosting news, learn about new features and product updates, and connect with other WPX Hosting customers. they also use these channels to provide helpful tips and advice

WPX Hosting Facebook.com

WPX Hosting Facebook Page

with over 8.3 k Likes & 8.6k Followers, the WPX Hosting Facebook page is a great place to connect with other customers and learn about the latest news.

WPX Hosting Linikdln.com

99 WPX net About LinkedIn

WPX hosting shares the latest information regarding wordpress hosting , security, speed on their linkedln profile. They also have a seperate career page to post job openings.

WPX Hosting on Twitter.com

1 WPX net WPX Hosting Twitter

over 1000+ followers and growing, you can find the latest news from WPX Hosting as well as helpful tips and advice on the WPX Hosting Twitter profile

WPX Hosting on Youtube.com

21 WPX Hosting YouTube

I have found wpx hosting Joined youtube  on Nov 1, 2017, with 1,175,106 views and 410 Subscribers, this channel is a great way to learn about WPX Hosting and its various features and products.

WPX Hosting Trustpilot.com

WPX Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of wpxhosting com

I have found 2,471 Positive reviews for WPX Hosting on Trustpilot, with an average rating of 4.9/5 stars.

FAQs : WPX Hosting Coupon Codes in 2022

What’s the best WPX hosting promotional code to save money?

Currently, you can use the coupon code we have mentioned to grab a massive 50% discount. This is the maximum discount you can grab right now. Remember, the promo code is available only for a limited time, so make sure to grab it before it expires. 

Can I get a discount without using a coupon?

Yes, if you do not want to use the coupon code, you can still get WPX Hosting at a discounted price by picking their annual plan. Click on the link here to get the discounted price. 

Does WPX offer CDN?

Yes, WPX provides high-speed and in-built custom CDN with 26 global edge locations across the world, ensuring you get the best performance. You get CDN for free with any of the plans you pick. 

Is there any Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, WPX offers a 30 days money-back guarantee with all their plans, so you can apply for a refund if you are not happy with their hosting services within the first 30 days. 

Can I get a WPX FREE trial Offer?  

Unfortunately, WPX does not offer any free trial. However, when you purchase any of the plans, you are backed with its 30 days money-back guarantee. 

Does WPX offer discounts on Black Friday?

Yes, WPX offers discounts on various occasions. Especially during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can expect maximum discounts front the hosting provider. 

Is there any Discount for Students? 

Currently, WPX Hosting is not offering any student discount. However, you can grab the hosting at 50% off with the coupon code mentioned in the article. 

Does WPX Hosting sell SSL Certificates or help with SSL Integration?

The best part about WPX hosting is that you get free unlimited SSL with any plan you choose. You can enjoy unlimited SSLs on your websites as long as you are hosting with WPX. 

Does WPX Remove Malware For Free?

Yes, due to its excellent security features, WPX provides free malware scanning and removal. 

Does WPX Migrate Your Sites There For Free?

Yes. No matter how many websites you want to transfer to WPX, their team of experts will migrate your websites from your existing hosting provider to WPX for free. 

Can I use the coupon code for annual plans?

No, the coupon code can be redeemed only for the monthly plan. You can redeem the coupon code on the monthly plan and later go for the annual subscription after a month. 

Final Thoughts

WPX Hosting is one of our top picks when it comes to managed WordPress hosting. With blazing fast hosting speed and top-notch security, you can enjoy WPX Hosting. 

All the plans include excellent functionality ensuring your website is always running and grows. 

With the coupon codes mentioned above, you can grab WPX at a discounted price without compromising the quality of their services. 

The coupon codes are available only for a specific time, so make sure to grab your discount while it is applicable. Happy hosting! 

We hope our WPX Hosting coupon code article helped you grab the best discount on your plan. Which offer do you find the best? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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  1. I recently switched to WPX Hosting and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. The speed and reliability of the hosting is top-notch and my website is running smoothly. The customer support team is also amazing, they were very helpful in the migration process and always respond quickly to any questions I have. Additionally, I was able to use a WPX Hosting coupon to get a great deal on my hosting plan. Overall, I highly recommend WPX Hosting for anyone in need of a high-quality hosting solution.

    • I completely agree with your experience with WPX Hosting. Their service is truly exceptional in terms of speed, uptime, and customer support. I also had a great experience using a WPX Hosting coupon to get a discounted rate on my plan. It’s great to know that there are affordable and reliable hosting options out there like WPX Hosting. I’ve recommended them to all my friends who are looking for a new host.

  2. I’ve been using WPX Hosting for a while now, and I have to say, I am extremely impressed with the service. The load times for my website are incredibly fast and I’ve never had any issues with uptime. The customer support is also fantastic, they always respond quickly and are able to help me with any issues I have. On top of that, I was able to use a WPX Hosting coupon to get an even better deal on my plan. I highly recommend WPX Hosting to anyone in need of a reliable and affordable hosting solution.

  3. I recently used a WPX Hosting coupon to purchase a hosting plan for my website and I couldn’t be happier with the savings. Not only did I get a great deal, but the service and performance of the hosting is top-notch. The speed and uptime have been excellent and the customer support team is extremely helpful. I highly recommend WPX Hosting and would definitely use a coupon again in the future to save on their already reasonable prices.

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