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Hushed Promo Code — Get 84% Off in 2024


After dedicating several months to extensive research and testing, I’ve gathered all there is to know about the Hushed promo code scene. Sadly, a lot of websites are spreading misinformation, offering non-existent deals which can be quite confusing.

Here’s a little secret: currently, the authentic discount being offered is a substantial 84% off, and not more as some sites claim.

Moreover, you won’t find a coupon field at the checkout page because the discount applies automatically. So, watch out for those misleading offers and stick to the genuine deal to enjoy true savings!

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Lifetime Hushed Second Number – Only $25 84% Off

Grab a lifetime second phone number from Hushed for just $25! Enjoy unmatched privacy and savings with this limited-time offer. Act now!

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Hushed promo code

The Best Hushed Promo Code Is ‘84% Off

The top Hushed discount code offers a stellar 84% off. This code provides a whopping 84% savings and has already been redeemed 600 times. Grab it while it lasts!

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📅 Last update11.09.2023
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    Hushed Lifetime Second Number at $25

    Your Step-by-Step Buying Guide

    Navigating through the process of acquiring your Hushed Lifetime Second Number is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Below, we outline a clear and concise guide to help you secure this fantastic offer without any hiccups.


    Click on the special discount link

    Hushed Get A Hushed-Lifetime Second Phone-Number

    Start your journey to supreme telecommunication privacy by clicking on the designated discount link. This action will automatically redirect you to a special offer landing page, setting the stage for great savings and enhanced privacy.


    Click on “Get Offer Now” Button

    Get Offer Now Button

    Upon reaching the landing page, locate and click on the prominent “Get Offer Now” button. This is your gateway to accessing a bouquet of numbers catering to various regions.


    Select Your Country

    Select Your Country

    Choose the country from the dropdown menu where you wish your new number to be based. This sets the geographical base for your second number, aligning with your preferences and needs.


    Select Your Region

    Hushed Select Your Region

    Narrow down your choice further by selecting the specific region in your chosen country. This ensures your new number aligns well with your localized needs and preferences.


    Click on “Get Your Number” Button

    Click on "Get Your Number" Button

    Once satisfied with your selection, proceed to click on the “Get Your Number” button. This action nudges you a step closer to securing your privacy fortress.


    Finalizing the Purchase

    Pay Now Button

    As you inch closer to the finish line, it’s time to input your personal details. This includes providing necessary information to facilitate the purchase and setup of your new number.

    Following this, you will be prompted to enter your card details. Rest assured, your information is handled with utmost security, paving the way for a safe and secure transaction.

    Once all details are duly filled, it’s time for the final leap. Click on the “Pay” button to finalize your purchase. With this step, you seal your gateway to a lifetime of secure and private telecommunication.

    Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a Hushed Lifetime Second Number, a vital tool in securing your communication in this digital age.

    Remember to use your lifetime number at least once every 6 months to keep your subscription active. Happy secure communicating!

    Noman,Founder of Frucall

    What is Hushed?

    Founded by AffinityClick Inc. in 2013, Hushed emerged as a response to the growing privacy concerns in the telecommunication sphere. With a broad selection of numbers from over 300 area codes spanning the US, Canada, and UK, Hushed’s mission was clear: to ensure a seamless yet private telecommunication experience for users globally.

    AffinityClick’s CEO, Justin Shimoon, envisions a world where phone privacy isn’t a luxury but a fundamental right accessible to all, irrespective of the purpose or duration.

    Diving into Hushed’s Feature-rich Portfolio

    Hushed isn’t merely a second phone number; it’s a robust platform packed with features designed to protect and empower its users.

    Here’s a deeper exploration of its offerings:


    True Anonymity in Calls

    With Hushed, you’re not merely hiding your number; you’re essentially operating off a completely different, secure line. Your cellular number remains untouched and unrecorded, ensuring conversations that are genuinely private.


    A New Dimension to Messaging

    From texts and gifs to audio and images, Hushed ensures all exchanges are encrypted and confidential. Plus, with the ability to erase messages, users have complete control over their communication trail.


    The Power of Multiple Identities

    Hushed’s multi-line feature is more than just convenience—it’s empowerment. Whether juggling business roles or ensuring personal privacy, users can maintain distinct identities for varying needs.


    Personal Touch with Voicemail

    Voicemail doesn’t have to be robotic. With Hushed, users can craft distinct greetings for each number, ensuring every interaction remains genuine.


    Enhanced Connectivity Options

    Stay connected, always. Hushed’s call forwarding ensures you never miss a call, while call routing leverages voice minutes for optimum call quality, especially in areas with spotty data coverage.


    Efficiency with Automated Messaging

    Respond to messages even when you’re busy with Hushed’s auto-reply, an indispensable tool for businesses aiming to maintain communication responsiveness.


    All Your Devices, One Hushed Experience

    No more dependency on a single device. Hushed’s multi-device compatibility ensures users have access to their numbers, irrespective of the device they’re using.


    Collaborate Better with Integrations

    Ease of integration with platforms like Dropbox and Slack not only facilitates a smoother workflow but also adds an extra layer of security to your communications. Save voice messages, SMS history, and even picture messages directly to your Dropbox account for organized, secure record-keeping, or send and reply to messages straight through Slack, making remote collaboration a breeze.


    Global Accessibility

    The brilliance of Hushed lies in its operational simplicity and global accessibility. Being internet-based, it doesn’t hinge on conventional cellular plans or SIM cards. As long as you have a stable internet connection, Hushed offers you the power to communicate privately, from anywhere in the world.


    Get Started with Hushed: No Strings Attached

    Creating a Hushed account is a straightforward process, free from cumbersome contracts and verification steps. Moreover, it doesn’t require any personal information, underscoring the brand’s commitment to user privacy. Manage multiple numbers with ease, all under a single account, without affecting your original phone number linked to your SIM card or wireless plan.


    Maintaining Anonymity with Caller ID

    Hushed takes your privacy seriously, going a step further to ensure that when you call or text someone, only your Hushed number is visible, with no ties back to your personal phone number or identity. It’s a genuine shield protecting your real identity while providing the freedom to communicate without apprehensions.

    Exploring Hushed

    Dive Into Their Diverse Plans & Pricing


    Prepaid Plans: Flexible and Affordable

    Price: Starting at US$ 2.99

    Perfect for those seeking adaptability, Hushed’s Prepaid Plans offer bundled minutes and SMS tailored for local calling and texting. Whether you need a number for a week, a month, or even a full year, there’s a prepaid plan just for you. Key features include:

    • Bundled minutes/SMS for local communication.
    • Duration options: 7, 30, 90, and 365 days.
    • Extend your number at any time!
    • Ideal for both short-term and long-term use cases.

    Unlimited Subscriptions: Seamless and Boundless

    Price: Starting at US$ 4.99 per month

    For those who despise limitations, the Unlimited Subscriptions are the way to go. Enjoy boundless talk and text with these auto-renewing subscription plans:

    • Unlimited local talk and text with no expiry.
    • Available on US, Canada, and UK mobile numbers.
    • Options for 1 or 3 Line bundles.
    • Monthly and yearly plans up for grabs. Bonus? Opt for yearly, and you could save up to 20%!

    3. Pay-As-You-Go International Plans: Talk Across Borders

    Price: Starting at US$ 6.99 (includes $1.00 in credits)

    Venturing internationally? Hushed has got your back. Their Pay-As-You-Go International Plans grant you the freedom to communicate globally:

    • Make calls anywhere in the world without breaking the bank.
    • Utilizes Hushed Credits directly from your account balance.
    • Enjoy international texting with US and Canadian numbers.
    • A notable mention: both US and Canadian numbers can place and receive calls and texts within both countries across all plan types.

    Hushed FAQs

    What exactly is the Hushed Lifetime Second Number deal?

    The Hushed Lifetime offer allows you to obtain a second phone number at a one-time cost of $25, which is a significant discount from the regular price of $160. This second number is yours to keep for life and comes with a yearly allowance of either 6000 SMS or 1000 call minutes, which automatically renews each year.

    Can I use my Hushed number internationally?

    Unfortunately, the current plan does not support international calling or texting. It is best suited for domestic communication within the regions of the US, Canada, or the UK. You can choose your mobile number from these regions, excluding toll-free numbers.

    How do I keep my Hushed number active?

    To retain the active status of your Hushed number, you must use it at least once every 6 months. This engagement ensures that your subscription remains ongoing and that you can continue enjoying the services provided.

    Are there any limitations to the services I can access with my Hushed number?

    Yes, it’s important to note that Hushed numbers may not be compatible with 3rd party verification services. Additionally, Hushed numbers cannot be utilized for emergency call services, so keep this in mind when using your second number.

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    stay alert and discerning while searching for Hushed promo codes. Many sites are offering false deals. For authentic savings, rely on the verified 84% discount available now, where no manual code entry is needed at checkout. Enjoy reliable and substantial savings with Hushed!

    Hushed Promo Code
    Hushed Promo Code — Get 84% Off in 2024
    Hushed Promo Code — Get 84% Off in 2024
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