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In the bustling digital space, finding a hosting service that is both reliable and budget-friendly can feel like a Herculean task. Many people are enticed by numerous deals and offers, only to be met with disappointing experiences laden with hidden charges and mediocre services.

Here’s where iFastNet steps in as a beacon of relief. Boasting superior quality hosting solutions at unbeatable prices, it goes a step further to value its customers through exciting promotional offers.

I’ve dived deep into the research, filtering out the noise to bring you the real deal: a genuine iFastNet Promo Code that grants you a substantial 29% discount. With the exclusive code “WeHostYou360“, you can now embark on your web journey with a partner that promises not just affordability, but excellence and reliability.

Absolutely, let’s dive even deeper into the realms of iFastNet and explore its dynamic world in more depth.

Grab 29% Off Site-Wide with iFastNet Exclusive Offer! 29% Off

Dive into a limited-time, site-wide promotion with iFastNet! Secure a whopping 29% discount on your desired service. Whether you’re looking to upgrade or trying iFastNet for the first time, now’s the perfect opportunity. Don’t miss out on this exceptional deal!

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iFastNet Promo Code

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29% Off iFastNet Promo Code is ‘WeHostYou360’

The standout iFastNet promo code at the moment is ‘WeHostYou360’. This exclusive code grants users a substantial discount on their purchases at iFastNet, helping them save significantly on their hosting plans. As of now, it has been redeemed 10 times, attesting to its popularity and reliability.

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    How To Appy iFastNet Promo Code?

    If you’re considering iFastNet for your hosting needs, you’re in luck. We’ve got a promo code to help you save some bucks! Don’t worry if this sounds complicated; by the end of this guide, you’ll be a pro at applying promo codes.

    Let’s get started!


    Find the Promo Code and Pick Your Package 🛍️

    1. Locate the Promo Code: click on “Reveal coupon.”
    2. See the Code: After clicking, a code (some combination of numbers and letters) will appear. This is your precious promo code. Don’t lose it!
    3. Head to iFastNet: Now, in a new tab or window, type in “” or click here to go straight to their site.
    4. Choose Your Package: Browse through the various hosting plans they offer. Found the one that’s right for you? Awesome! Click on the “Sign Up” button next to your chosen package.
    ifastnet package

    Use That Promo Code at Checkout 🎉

    Shopping Cart IFastnet
    1. Review Your Choices: You’ll be taken to a “Review & Checkout” page. Here, you can see the package you’ve selected and the price.
    2. Spot the Promo Code Box: On this page, you’ll see a box labeled “Apply promo code.” This is where the magic happens!
    3. Enter the Code: Remember the code you revealed earlier? Type it (or copy-paste) into this box.
    4. Make it Official: Click on the “Validate Code” button. This will ensure the code works and your discount is applied.
    5. Ready to Buy: Now, simply click on the “Checkout” button.

    Sign Up and Celebrate! 🎈

    Register IFastnet
    1. Fill in Your Details: You’ll be asked to register using your personal details. This is just so they know who you are and where to send any important info.
    2. Check Everything: Always good to double-check! Make sure all your details are correct.
    3. Finalize: Click on any button that says “Complete Purchase” or “Finish Registration.”

    And there you have it!

    You’ve successfully applied the iFastNet promo code and are on your way to building something awesome online.

    An In-Depth Introduction to iFastNet

    In this digital age, creating a robust online presence is not just a necessity, it’s a craft that involves the meticulous selection of hosting services that provide both stability and security. Here, iFastNet comes forth as a trustworthy ally, equipped with features and services that cater to a broad spectrum of needs. This comprehensive guide takes you on a detailed exploration of the vibrant and secure ecosystem that is iFastNet.

    Navigating the realms of hosting solutions, iFastNet presents itself as an exceptional platform offering a bevy of premium services that stand under the stalwart name of iFastNet LTD. Engineered to provide a secure platform for managing premium hosting services and intricate account details like Paypal transactions and credit card payments, iFastNet is a name synonymous with flexibility and innovation.

    Let us delve deeper to uncover the wealth of features that make iFastNet a reliable choice for a diverse clientele.

    A Smooth Start to Your Online Journey

    As a new entrant in the digital world, you are greeted by a spectrum of features at iFastNet, paving the way for a smooth initiation into its vast ecosystem.

    Let’s explore what lies in store:


    Quick and Secure Order Placement:

    The agility and security in placing new orders eliminates the hassles of cumbersome procedures, offering a seamless start.


    Tailored cPanel Hosting Price Quotes

    Adapting to your unique needs and budget constraints, iFastNet provides customized cPanel hosting price quotes, facilitating a personalized hosting experience.


    Detailed VPS Server Quotes

    Navigate through the nuances of Virtual Private Servers with detailed quotes, empowering you to make informed decisions that align with your goals.


    Easy Domain Registration

    Step into the digital realm with straightforward domain registration services, carving out your niche in the online space without any fuss.


    Affiliate System for Referrals

    Harness the potential of referrals through iFastNet’s affiliate system, fostering collaborations and mutual growth.


    Streamlined Contact and WHOIS Information Management

    Maintain up-to-date contact and WHOIS information with minimal effort, fostering a layer of trust and transparency in your operations.


    Holistic Overview of Current Orders and Quotes

    Gain a comprehensive insight into your current orders and quotes, a vital tool in making well-informed decisions that align with your strategic goals.


    Flexible Plan Management

    Adapt to evolving needs with the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your plans seamlessly, sans the intricacies of complex procedures.


    Centralized cPanel and Webmail Access

    Enjoy the convenience of centralized control and management through straightforward access to cPanel and Webmail, simplifying your online management tasks.


    Multiple Contact Addresses for Enhanced Connectivity

    Establish and maintain connections through multiple contact addresses, promoting effective communication and collaboration.

    1. Transparent Invoice Management: Oversee and manage your invoices with clarity, fostering a transparent and efficient approach to financial management.
    2. Robust Account Security Measures: Enhance the security of your account through simple password change options, safeguarding your valuable information and assets.
    3. Comprehensive Email History Access: Maintain a detailed record of past email interactions regarding your service or account, facilitating a documented history that can be referenced as needed.
    4. Advanced Domain Management Options: Exercise control over your domain with features that allow for the renewal and enabling/disabling of registrar locks, safeguarding the integrity and longevity of your online identity.

    Here, we unravel some of the standout features that define iFastNet’s hosting plans:

    1. Complimentary Domains and Bonus Offers: Embark on your online adventure with the advantage of free and bonus domains, laying a solid foundation for establishing a robust digital presence.
    2. Free SSL Certificates Through Let’s Encrypt: Foster a secure and trustworthy environment with complimentary SSL certificates courtesy of the renowned Let’s Encrypt service.
    3. Exclusive RailGun Support with CloudFlare: Boost your website’s performance with exclusive RailGun support, a feature that enhances the user experience and SEO rankings without incurring additional costs.
    4. HTTP/2 Support Across All Shared Plans: Enhance your website’s operational efficiency with HTTP/2 support, a modern and swift protocol available across all shared plans, fostering a faster and smoother user experience.
    5. Expansive Script Installer with Over 200 Scripts: Unleash the potential of your website with an expansive script installer that offers over 200 scripts, facilitating an easy and streamlined website development process.
    6. Complimentary SiteBuilder: Begin your website development journey with a complimentary SiteBuilder included in your package, offering a hassle-free and efficient way to build your online platform.
    7. Robust Security Measures in a Proven Environment: Safeguard your digital assets with robust security measures housed within a proven environment, ensuring peace of mind and consistent reliability.

    iFastNet Premium Hosting Plans

    iFastNet’s premium hosting plans ensure your digital journey is smooth, secure, and efficient. Let’s dive deep into these plans and unveil what makes them a worthy choice.

    1. The STARTER Plan – The First Step Into the World of Hosting

    Priced at an attractive $19.99/year, the STARTER plan is designed for beginners or those who are dipping their toes into the vast ocean of the online realm.

    • Features:
      • SSD-powered servers ensuring super-fast loading times.
      • Generous 250 GB Bandwidth.
      • Ample 5 GB Disk Space.
      • Option to add 1 additional domain.
      • A complimentary domain to kickstart your online journey.
      • Equipped with the latest cPanel and Softaculous for hassle-free management.

    2. The SUPER PREMIUM Plan – For the Evolving Digital Enthusiast

    At $4.99/month, the SUPER PREMIUM plan offers more than what meets the eye. It’s ideal for growing businesses or individuals who are scaling their digital presence.

    • Features:
      • Lightning-fast operations powered by SSD servers.
      • 250 GB Bandwidth to manage increasing traffic.
      • Unlimited Disk Space – Say goodbye to storage worries.
      • Host up to 20 additional domains.
      • A whopping 21 free domains! Now that’s a deal.
      • Latest cPanel and Softaculous for seamless website management.

    3. The ULTIMATE PREMIUM Plan – The Pinnacle of Hosting Excellence

    For those who seek the best in hosting solutions, the ULTIMATE PREMIUM plan, priced at $7.99/month, is the go-to choice.

    • Features:
      • SSD servers for unmatched speed.
      • Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space to cater to the ever-growing needs.
      • Host unlimited domains – The sky’s the limit.
      • Get 21 free domains to expand your digital empire.
      • Equipped with the state-of-the-art cPanel and Softaculous.

    iFastNet Business Hosting

    Whether you’re a budding start-up, an established enterprise, or somewhere in between, the hosting plan you choose can significantly impact your online performance. Amidst the maze of hosting providers, iFastNet stands out, particularly with its business-centric hosting plans.

    These plans are meticulously designed to cater to businesses’ specific needs, ensuring maximum uptime, speed, and efficiency.

    Let’s delve into the offerings of iFastNet’s Business Hosting plans.

    1. BUSINESS STANDARD – Robust and Reliable

    For businesses that need a potent mix of performance and affordability, the BUSINESS STANDARD plan might just be the perfect fit.

    • Pricing: At $19.99/month, it’s a steal, especially considering the annual savings of $19.87.
    • Features:
      • Performance: SSD-powered servers ensure that your website loads at lightning speed.
      • Bandwidth: A generous 1 TB, catering to substantial traffic.
      • Storage: Say goodbye to storage woes with unlimited disk storage.
      • Domains: Host up to 100 additional domains, providing scalability.
      • SSH Access: Free SSH shell access, giving you advanced control.
      • Email: Send up to 1000 emails/hour, ensuring effective communication.
      • User Limit: A balanced limit of 50 users/server.
      • Domains: 21 complimentary domains, offering you a plethora of branding options.
      • Management: The latest cPanel with Softaculous ensures seamless site management.

    2. BUSINESS ULTIMATE – The Pinnacle of Business Hosting

    When uncompromised performance, unlimited resources, and top-tier features are on your wish list, BUSINESS ULTIMATE should be your go-to choice.

    • Pricing: At $39.99/month, it’s an investment that promises substantial returns, especially with yearly savings of $39.87.
    • Features:
      • Performance: Powered by super-fast SSD servers, ensuring your site never keeps a visitor waiting.
      • Bandwidth: Truly unlimited, capable of handling traffic spikes during your busiest days.
      • Storage: Unlimited disk storage, eliminating any concerns about data accommodation.
      • Domains: The freedom to host unlimited addon domains.
      • SSH Access: Free SSH shell access for those crucial administrative tasks.
      • Email: A robust capacity of sending 1000 emails/hour.
      • User Limit: A consistent limit of 50 users/server.
      • Complimentary Domains: A whopping 21 free domains to expand your digital portfolio.
      • Management Tools: State-of-the-art cPanel equipped with Softaculous for effortless site operations.

    A Deep Dive into iFastNet WHM Reseller Hosting Plans

    iFastNet, a renowned name in the hosting industry, has meticulously curated its reseller hosting plans to empower businesses of all scales. With their extensive suite of features and competitive pricing, launching your hosting venture becomes a seamless affair. Let’s traverse through the different layers of iFastNet’s WHM Reseller Hosting Plans to understand their potential better.

    1. RESELLER PLAN 1: Kickstart Your Hosting Journey

    At just $14.99 plus $0.40 per user per month, you can initiate your hosting venture with a firm footing. Here are the specific details:

    • Bandwidth: A substantial allowance of 300 GB to accommodate a healthy flow of traffic.
    • Storage: A 30 GB disk storage, providing ample space to host diverse websites.
    • Unlimited Add-Ons: From add-on domains to email addresses and MySQL databases, enjoy unlimited access to vital hosting features.
    • Technical Support: Benefit from round-the-clock technical support to navigate through any roadblocks.
    • Latest cPanel/WHM with Softaculous: Administer your hosting business with ease and efficiency through an integrated cPanel/WHM and Softaculous.
    • Overselling Enabled: Capitalize on the opportunity to sell more hosting space than your existing resources, thanks to the overselling feature.

    2. RESELLER PLAN 2: Scaling New Heights

    For entrepreneurs aiming higher, the Reseller Plan 2 at $29.99 plus $0.40 per user per month offers an expansive set of resources and features to foster growth:

    • Bandwidth: A hefty 600 GB bandwidth to accommodate a burgeoning user base.
    • Storage: A massive 60 GB storage space to cater to diverse hosting needs.
    • Other Features: Parallel to Reseller Plan 1, enjoy unlimited access to add-on domains, email addresses, and other essential hosting amenities.
    • Technical Support: Continual technical support to ensure smooth business operations.
    • cPanel/WHM with Softaculous: Maintain a streamlined business process with the latest cPanel and WHM integration.

    3. RESELLER PLAN 3: The Pinnacle of Reselling

    If sky is the limit for your hosting ambitions, the Reseller Plan 3, priced at $59.99 plus $0.40 per user per month, stands as the ultimate choice:

    • Bandwidth: An astronomical 1500 GB bandwidth to handle even the most traffic-intensive scenarios.
    • Storage: A centenary storage space of 100 GB to support a vast array of websites.
    • Overselling and Unlimited Features: Similar to its counterparts, it offers the overselling feature along with unlimited access to essential hosting resources.
    • Technical Support: Receive relentless technical assistance for uninterrupted business continuity.

    VPS Hosting by iFastNet: A Gateway to Unparalleled Performance

    iFastNet, a veteran in the web hosting arena, offers a versatile range of VPS hosting plans that cater to varying business requirements without burning a hole in your pocket.

    1. Economy: An Affordable Entry into the World of VPS

    At a modest price of $9.99 per month (and annual savings of $19.89), the Economy plan serves as an ideal starting point for small businesses and startups. Here’s what you can expect:

    • Disk Storage: A respectable 30 GB to house your website data.
    • Bandwidth: A generous 125 GB, allowing for steady website traffic.
    • RAM: 512 MB guaranteed RAM to ensure smooth site operations.
    • IP Address: Comes with 1 dedicated IP address.

    2. Basic: A Step-Up with Enhanced Resources

    Priced at $19.99 per month (saving you $39.97 yearly), the Basic plan offers a bit more in terms of resources, suitable for growing websites. The features include:

    • Disk Storage: Increased storage space of 40 GB.
    • Bandwidth: A substantial 200 GB bandwidth to cater to more visitors.
    • RAM: 756 MB guaranteed RAM to facilitate quicker loading times.
    • IP Address: Includes 1 dedicated IP address.

    3. Entry: Bridging the Gap to Higher Performance

    For $29.99 per month (with a yearly saving of $59.98), the Entry plan brings to the table an enhanced set of resources, beneficial for expanding businesses. Here are the details:

    • Disk Storage: A spacious 50 GB to accommodate a more significant amount of data.
    • Bandwidth: A bounteous 300 GB bandwidth for handling higher traffic.
    • RAM: A gigabyte of guaranteed RAM (1024 MB) for a smoother user experience.
    • IP Address: Comes standard with 1 IP address.

    4. Standard: A Balanced Offering for Growing Businesses

    At $43.99 per month (yielding a yearly saving of $27.98), the Standard plan is a well-rounded package offering a balanced set of resources for steadily growing businesses. Here’s what it encompasses:

    • Disk Storage: A significant 80 GB storage space to host your burgeoning website data.
    • Bandwidth: A hefty 400 GB bandwidth to accommodate a substantial visitor count.
    • RAM: 1256 MB of guaranteed RAM for ensuring a brisk website performance.
    • IP Address: Inclusive of 1 dedicated IP address.

    5. Ultra: Scaling Towards Excellence

    For the enterprises eyeing top-tier performance, the Ultra plan at $55.99 per month (offering a yearly saving of $55.99) stands as the optimal choice. The specifics are as follows:

    • Disk Storage: A robust 120 GB of storage space to host a range of sophisticated websites.
    • Bandwidth: An extensive 600 GB bandwidth for a bustling web traffic environment.
    • RAM: A massive 1512 MB of guaranteed RAM to foster seamless website operations.
    • IP Address: Incorporates 1 dedicated IP address for a secure and personalized web presence.

    6. Ultimate: The Zenith of VPS Hosting

    Priced at $65.99 per month (saving you $39.99 annually), the Ultimate plan embodies the pinnacle of VPS hosting with a sprawling set of resources. Here’s a glimpse of what it entails:

    • Disk Storage: A mammoth 250 GB storage space, making it suitable for large-scale enterprises.
    • Bandwidth: A whopping 1000 GB bandwidth to support a high volume of web traffic.
    • RAM: 2048 MB of guaranteed RAM, facilitating ultra-fast website functioning.
    • IP Address: Like its counterparts, it includes 1 dedicated IP address.

    As businesses scale and grow, so do their website traffic and technical needs. iFastNet, with its unwavering commitment to delivering excellence, presents its range of dedicated server plans, epitomizing unparalleled performance, reliability, and security. In today’s post, we will spotlight the SERVER 1 plan by iFastNet and decode its technical features, advantages, and pricing.

    iFastNet’s SERVER 1: A Powerhouse of Performance

    The need for dedicated resources is palpable for websites with heavy traffic or those running resource-intensive applications. SERVER 1 by iFastNet, priced at a competitive $149.99/month, caters to this niche with an ensemble of premium features:

    • Hardware Specs:
      • CPU Type: Intel® i7-4770S, representing the cutting-edge of processor technology.
      • Hard Disk: A vast 2x1TB space, perfect for large-scale data operations.
      • RAM: An impressive 32 GB, ensuring smooth website operations even under heavy load.
      • IP Address: 1 dedicated IP, ensuring uniqueness and added security.

    Technical Features Unraveled:

    • Dedicated Resources: With 8 CPU Core Servers, SERVER 1 ensures high performance at all times.
    • Support: 24/7 Free Technical Support, ensuring any issues are promptly addressed.
    • Connectivity and Access: Free SFTP Server, SSH Access, and a choice of your preferred Linux OS.
    • Installed Software: A bundle of essential tools including:
      • Control Panel: Webmin Control Panel, a user-friendly interface for website management.
      • Web Stack: PHP, PHP-FPM, MySQL, and Apache to manage and deploy your web applications.
      • Media Tools: FFmpeg, Lame, Libogg, Libvorbis, FLVtool2, Mplayer, Mencoder, and AMR for efficient media handling.
      • OS: CentOS 6, a reliable and widely-used Linux distribution.

    Coding and MySQL Features:

    • Languages and Databases: PHP 5.4 is installed by default, complemented by CLI Access, Perl, Python, and bash support.
    • Database Management: Efficient database operations with PHPMyAdmin and Remote MySQL.
    • Customization and Automation: Enables Cronjob Scripting and Mime Types adjustments.

    Key Advantages of Opting for SERVER 1:

    • Dedicated Resources: No more sharing! Enjoy dedicated RAM, CPU, and Disk Space.
    • Absolute Control: Get full control over your environment, allowing for tweaks and customizations.
    • Custom Hardware: Tailored hardware configurations to match your specific needs.
    • Limitless Bandwidth: Benefit from unlimited bandwidth for uninterrupted website operations.
    • Migration: Seamless transition with free migration from premium hosting.

    Technical Specifics at a Glance:

    • CPU Details: Intel® i7-4770S, 4 Super Fast Haswell Cores with 8 Threads, clocking at 3.1 GHz (Turbo up to 3.9 Ghz) and an 8MB Cache.
    • Memory and Storage: 32 GB DDR3 RAM and 2x 1TB SATA hard disk for robust data operations.
    • Traffic Limitations: Enjoy 5 TB @ 100MB/s, post which it adjusts to 10MB/s.
    • Flexibility: Root Access for advanced users and choice of any OS on request.
    • cPanel: Available for an additional $35.00 per month, for those who prefer this control panel.

    iFastNet FAQs

    What types of promo codes does iFastNet offer?

    iFastNet offers a range of promo codes, including discounts on their various hosting plans, which can encompass a percentage off or a dollar amount discount. Keep an eye out for seasonal or event-specific promotions as well.

    Why isn’t my promo code working?

    There could be several reasons – the code might have expired, it’s not applicable to the items in your cart, or it might have been entered incorrectly. Always double-check the validity and terms of the code.

    iFastNet promo codes have an expiration date?

    Yes, most promo codes will have an expiration date. Ensure you use them before they expire to benefit from the discount.

    Are there any exclusive promo codes for new iFastNet users?

    iFastNet occasionally offers special promo codes for new users as a welcome discount. Always check their promotions page or sign-up emails for such offers.

    iFastNet Promo Code – 2024 [Verified]
    iFastNet Promo Code – 2024 [Verified]
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